Church at Sunset



Welcome to our community.  Answering the call to love and justice from this small town in Central Massachusetts, we gather for worship, programs, community events, and more. Our church embraces the universal dignity of mankind, freedom of belief, and the creation of a just and sustainable world.  Membership in the congregation is open to all.

Services at our Church have been suspended through Mid-June.   However, we held  a Flower Communion Service on Sunday June 21 in the courtyard of the church.  And we now plan to hold a service on July 19.  Reverend Inanna Arthen will lead the service on the topic of Freedom of Worship and Marc Erwin and Rini Kilcoyne will provide the music.  We will enjoy each other’s company and look forward to seeing our friends again.  There will be no refreshments and bathrooms will not be available.  You are welcome to bring a chair if you desire.  Please wear a mask and hope for a nice day.  The rain date will be July 26.

We will continue to assess the situation at our Parish Committee meetings, which we hold by phone or email.  During the continuing hiatus, we ask that we all join in virtual togetherness at 10:30 every Sunday morning to do whatever helps feed your spirit of community:   meditate, sing, pray, hike, dance and stomp, walk the dog, pet the cat.  Whatever slows the mind and soothes the soul. 

Here is our Covenant:

Our church shall be a fellowship of free minds, dedicated to the unending search for truth and to a quest for religious and ethical values.  Acknowledging our debt to the Judeo-Christian tradition, we unite in worship and in service to promote the universal dignity of each person, respect for freedom of belief, and the building of a better community and world according to the seven principles of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

You can learn more about our community, our worship, calendar of servicesleadership, and history.  Please visit us on Sundays or contact us with questions, comments, or interest in using one of our properties for your own social event. 


Church in the Ice Storm, credit Mimi Jones