We’re All in This Together

On September 20, 2019 several members of the Petersham Unitarian Universalist Church participated in the Global Climate Strike by helping to create a community art project in the center of town. We gathered to 8 AM to put a small boat in front of The Country Store, courtesy of the generosity of Ari Puglisi and the East Quabbin Land Trust. The boat, with a flag for SS Earth, represented the fact that we are all together on the same planet and need to work together to assure a safe and sustainable future for our children and grandchildren.

Jeanette Martin created the colorful 9-foot banner that held the words “We’re All in This Together” along with her visualization of our common environment and activities. Visitors were invited to write or draw their wishes and concerns for out Earth on flags to be attached to the stays tied to the mast of the boat. A colorful and moving artwork was the result of the combined efforts.

The Petersham Climate Boat will remain in front of the Store through the week and the climate activities planned for September 27, hosted by the Country Store and East Quabbin Land Trust. All are welcome to attend from noon through the afternoon and add a flag to the boat.

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