Chair of the Hampshire-Franklin Commission on the Status of Women and Girls to Speak at Petersham Unitarian on Sunday, November 17

Bonnie MacCracken, chair of the Hampshire-Franklin Commission on the Status of Women and Girls (HFCSWG)  will speak on the mission of the organization at the First Congregational Parish Unitarian in Petersham on Sunday, November 17 at 10:30 a.m.   The HFCSWG  is working to expand the public discussion of gender-based inequality in Western Massachusetts. 

Bonnie MacCracken, photo credit Genevieve Fraser

According to MacCracken, the HFCSWG has been consulting with local legislators and their staff to discuss the issues that impact the women and girls in their district. “We’ve been building upon the groundwork and momentum our 9-member commission created during its inaugural year (2017-2018) and to set new goals that promote the rights and opportunities for all women and girls toward full equity in all areas of life.” 

“The inaugural year was a period of growth from determining our character and purpose to drafting the rules we now operate under. The process of drafting bylaws helped us to lay important groundwork and develop a unified vision,” she said.

MacCracken is a real estate title examiner and owner of  Real Estate Title Examinations and Genealogical Research Services (  She is a state committeewoman with the Massachusetts Democratic Party and a former candidate for state representative for the 3rd Hampshire District.   

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