About Us

Congregation, credit Genevieve Fraser
Congregation, credit Genevieve Fraser

We are a varied community, bound to each other through our faith in Unitarian Universalism.  Some of the members of the congregation come from families that have lived in Petersham for several generations and who grew up loving and living in this church community.  Others are newcomers to the town or to Unitarian Universalism.  Some come quite a distance from surrounding towns to participate in services and events.  All are engaged in supporting the community through membership on committees and local activism.

March for our Lives March 2018
March for our Lives March 2018, photo credit Mimi Jones
Plant Sale Spring 2019
Plant Sale Spring 2019, photo credit Mimi Jones
Bake Sale August 2019
Bake Sale August 2019, photo credit Mimi Jones






Photo of congregants, credit Genevieve Fraser.

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