Leadership and Governance

Steeple at Night credit Mimi Jones
Steeple at Night credit Mimi Jones

Our congregation is governed by a committee structure.  Church by-laws provide the Covenant:

Our church shall be a fellowship of free minds, dedicated to the unending search for truth and to a quest for religious and ethical values.  Acknowledging our debt to the Judeo-Christian tradition, we unite in worship and in service to promote the universal dignity of each person, respect for freedom of belief, and the building of a better community and world according to the seven principles of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

They also describe the path to membership and provide a structure for the leaders and committees that support the church.

End HateThe Parish Committee is comprised of three members who meet monthly to address ongoing church maintenance and programming:

  • Christine Eaton, Liaison to Building and Grounds Committee
  • Mimi Jones, Treasurer
  • Diane Nassif

Pam Chevalier chairs the Finance Committee.

Jeanette Martin is the chair of the Fundraising Committee.

Kay Berry and Rini Kilcoyne are the Music Committee.

Phil Hubbard is the Program Committee.

Don Clarkson is on the Building and Grounds Committee.

Kay Berry is the House Committee.

Genevieve Fraser, Rini Kilcoyne, and Pam Chevalier make up the Interfaith Committee.

Genevieve Fraser supports us with publicity and social media.

Photo of the Steeple at Night, credit to Mimi Jones.

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